Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Classical Predictive Astrology

Horary Astrology offers direct insight into the issues that are concerned with real life. That’s why it is one of the most useful techniques for guidance and orientation. Its method involves the erection of an astrological chart drawn
 specifically to examine your questions and doubts. The nature of that concern can take many forms, including queries about relationships, money, career issues, family matters, love, conflicts and lawsuits, even lost objects or missing people.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Whispering Voice: What's Wrong with Alfred Lambremont Webre's ?

Whispering Voice: What's Wrong with Alfred Lambremont Webre's ?

I agree that spineless Webre is controlled and subdued, but in my humble opinion, the american and canadian extreme right are into this also. While Catholicism keeps the power and unity, Protestantism is just a million little business selling a few Xstian cliches. (open your heart to Jesus and so on...)

The absurd attacks and accusations against the Pope Francis I, will be seen with sympathy by the Jesus-selling professionals.

In the wisdom of Sunyata and the hour of the Supreme Void.

Frater Umbra

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Did you know that Voodoo dolls..?

Did you know that the dreaded (and dreadful) Voodoo dolls are used not only to destroy an enemy but also to send positive, healing energy?
In the hands of some powerful shamans or sorcerers, Voodoo dolls can be a powerful and effective weapon, but also a healing instrument. So, don't worry about Voodoo dolls if you have no enemies.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Those who know how to read will SEE

Friendly Archons. Can be used in Archonic Invocations
The free city of Liberty made servile
The monster divine omen will be seen in plain daylight
Stir up the Eastern king once more
High price unguarded none will have provided for it

Garden of the world near the new city
A horrible slaughter of people and animals
It will be seized and plunged into the Void

Northern wind will cause the siege to be raised
In the path of the hollow mountains
His renown, praise, rule and power will grow
Drinking by force the waters poisoned by sulfur.

The trembling of the earth at Mortara
Fire approaches the great New City

To the enemy will a promise be made
To the bloody one the numbers are reported

There will be peace union and change
2 twin brothers torn apart by chaos

Not far from the age of the great millennium
The Castle and Palace in conflagration

Earth-shaking fire from the center of the earth
Fire approaches the great new city
Through rain afterwards, which will do them much harm
At forty-five degrees, the sky will burn
Extreme horrors and vengeances

To prepare for a journey torments, the first offspring
Thus little by little will the great one will be angered
But his name will remain unknown
Behind the Masks there is no Face.