Wednesday, December 11, 2013

ARCHONS' message.

It is untrue that Archons are afraid of humans. There is no reason for this, since humans cannot hurt us in any way. Archons are ready for negotiations with humanity. These negotiations will always benefit humans that show understanding, adaptability, recognition and good will.


Friday, December 6, 2013

The necessary contact with the Qliphoths through the Tunnels of Seth.

*Survival of the Human race is only possible if we contact and negotiate with the Qliphotic world. *Through the tunnels of Seth we can contact the Qliphoths.

*We will learn about them in the Qliphothic Cabala.

*Maps of the Seth Tunnels are included here.

*For those unprepared, the Qliphothic Kingdom is horror.

*For those ready, it is the source of the 11 Powers.

*These are the Names of the Qliphoths for purposes of call and contact.

*Negotiation with the Qliphothic Entities teaches us to build the vehicle that crosses the Daath Void, also known as the Infinite Abyss.