Friday, September 27, 2013

What is Magick (with K.)

What is Magick (with K)? Many things and none, but Crowley gave us a good definition: Magick is the art of producing changes at will.

I agree with the word “art” because the fundamental aesthetic of Magick but I should say sorcery=magick is a technology, a skill and a craft. 

Let me tell you this: magick has nothing to do with spiritualism, religion or cults.  
You can believe in nothing and be an excellent magician or sorcerer. (Same thing.)
However you cannot be a strong sorcerer if you have no imagination.

There is something else that perhaps some readers will not yet understand. Since there is no such thing as a Self, you can have any selves you want. Magicians of old times used masks. You instead, use the self that you find more appropriate for your magickal works.

Something else:  In my personal experience, is better to work alone, and not in groups.
The sorcerer doesn’t like restrictions in his craft, and I am convinced that a group is a limitation. Besides the sorcerer, the Chaos Magician is an individualist. She/he knows that without freedom there is no magick.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This is an excellent piece of information

Jesuits coup d’etat.
Jesuits, sometimes called the second church, decided that it was time to impose for the first time a Pope belonging to their centenary Order.
Cardinal Bergoglio was the obvious election for the Pontifical Throne. This Argentinean known in the Black Order as a pope-maker was also an Antarctic man and I will not go into details about the meaning of this geo-political and exopolitical fact.

Jesuit authorities told the Cardinals that the next pope after the “retirement” of the german, would be a Jesuit. If this condition was not meet, the Order would made public the manuscript known as Magdalena’s Gospel.
In this forbidden document, Magdalene, wife of Jesus, tells the truth about the faked crucifixion, the Roman protection of the Nazarene, his wife Magdalena and son and daughter produced by this marriage.
Also Rome gave secret asylum to Husband, Wife and children, first in Rome and then in the Gallic territory, now France.

Present conditions
The Catholic Church now belongs to the Jesuitical Order. It looks like the new Pope Francis will change many things in the Vatican and in the Catholic world.
We will follow these events and keep you informed.