Friday, September 27, 2013

What is Magick (with K.)

What is Magick (with K)? Many things and none, but Crowley gave us a good definition: Magick is the art of producing changes at will.

I agree with the word “art” because the fundamental aesthetic of Magick but I should say sorcery=magick is a technology, a skill and a craft. 

Let me tell you this: magick has nothing to do with spiritualism, religion or cults.  
You can believe in nothing and be an excellent magician or sorcerer. (Same thing.)
However you cannot be a strong sorcerer if you have no imagination.

There is something else that perhaps some readers will not yet understand. Since there is no such thing as a Self, you can have any selves you want. Magicians of old times used masks. You instead, use the self that you find more appropriate for your magickal works.

Something else:  In my personal experience, is better to work alone, and not in groups.
The sorcerer doesn’t like restrictions in his craft, and I am convinced that a group is a limitation. Besides the sorcerer, the Chaos Magician is an individualist. She/he knows that without freedom there is no magick.

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