Thursday, October 3, 2013

About the Universe

The sorcerer knows that deities are instruments of his/ her will. He understands that the Universe is the uncreated. As Ouroboros, feeds and creates itself.

The Universe is the creator and the creation. Father and Son, Mother and Daughter. You are the Universe, and I am the Universe. Nothing is outside the Universe. Nothing is before the Universe.
Will, Courage, self-confidence, and Imagination are your magickal tools.

If you don’t enjoy Magick, if you think that magick is dogmatic and inflexible, you are wrong. Do not ask yourself who you are: you are none. You are energy, you have many masks but not face, there is no self. This is FUNDAMENTAL.

NOTHING HAS INHERENT EXISTENCE. Everything is change, movement, and there is no substance, just accident. This is the meaning of Emptiness, of Sunyata.
Do not believe in what you read here, just see it with your own eyes and your own intelligence, because it is obvious and evident.

The clear consciousness of all this gives you Freedom and Power.

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