Friday, December 6, 2013

The necessary contact with the Qliphoths through the Tunnels of Seth.

*Survival of the Human race is only possible if we contact and negotiate with the Qliphotic world. *Through the tunnels of Seth we can contact the Qliphoths.

*We will learn about them in the Qliphothic Cabala.

*Maps of the Seth Tunnels are included here.

*For those unprepared, the Qliphothic Kingdom is horror.

*For those ready, it is the source of the 11 Powers.

*These are the Names of the Qliphoths for purposes of call and contact.

*Negotiation with the Qliphothic Entities teaches us to build the vehicle that crosses the Daath Void, also known as the Infinite Abyss.

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