Saturday, June 14, 2014


A secret, occult war is being fought in the internet, and very few know about this fact.
We are not talking about information or disinformation, but about magickal (with k.) wars.
Those who know (from the left and right occult paths,) use magickal weapons, and these weapons are unknown by most of the people in the web.
 Example: a text can be charged by a subliminal message disguised in the words or even spaces employed.
Any symbol or icon can operate as a secret sigil.
Innocent illustrations and designs include very effective magickal tools used by initiates in a very effective way.
It’s our personal duty to recognize here that this war is inevitable, and also that we are recognize both sides as legitimate and needed as Night and Day, Moon and Sun, Darkness and Light.

Ad beneficium complimiento consilio.
Umbra Frater.

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