Thursday, October 2, 2014


It's time to understand that Judeo-Christian-Muslim religions talking about light bring war and cruelty.
We must consequently turn ourselves to the practice of our own will, and this means recognition of many selves in the freedom of Understanding.
Under the mask there is no face. We are not one but many, so do as thou will shall be the whole of the law, as Crowley said. 
Open your heart to the forces of the Night. Frequent the Garden of Shadows whose beauty is incomparable. 
Pay your gentle tribute to the Night's Mother and the Guardians of the West Door in the Twilight Hour.
Do not care about the imaginary fight Satan-God. Both are one and the one doesn't exist. So work with your gods, your personal gods and goddesses.
Remember those attracted by the Cabala that there is a Shadow Tree and this is the Kingdom of the Qliphots which can be reached through the Tunnels of Seth.
This is the only way to truth. Call this way the encounter with the Shadows. Remember always that boms and explosions bring LIGHT, and the contrary Shadows are beauty, wisdom, rest, pleasure and peace

In this noble hour of Dusk.
Frater Umbra.

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